Mar 15, 2013

What is The Best Juicer for The Money?

I have to be honest right up front. Once I made up my mind to get healthier, I wanted to find the fastest and easiest way to do that.  I didn’t yet have the discipline to go on a strict diet or start my day doing crunches. That was how I discovered juicing!

Some Great Benefits of Juicing

There are some pretty amazing-and fast-benefits to juicing. Among them are losing (and keeping off) weight; you notice more energy; your skin becomes clearer and you will find yourself with less colds and sniffles just to name a few.

One thing I noticed right away however was that if I wanted to invest in any decent juicer, I was going to have to spend a little money.  Not interested in wasting my hard earned cash I read as many reviews on juicers as I could find. I was looking to get the best juicer for the money.

Frankly, most of what I read about juicers led me to believe they all were the best! That was until I actually purchased one. The thing did not get much juice out, it was hard to clean and harder to put back together.

What to Look for in a Review

Although I lost some money on that particular product I am alright with it. It taught me what to look for in a review of a product. I learned what was important in a juicer that would get me get the best possible experience. I certainly didn’t want to spend my money only to have the machine sitting there because I dreaded cleaning it later.

That said my research continued and armed with more experience on what to look for, I eventually became aware of a juicer called the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro.  Who is Jay Kordich? The truth is I never heard of the guy. I heard of Jack Lalanne and Paul Bragg and other health gurus, but not Jay Kordich.

Just who is Jay Kordich?

Before I even searched for his product I wanted to find out more about the man. Who was he? Was he successful in his field? Was he reputable? I needed to know all of that before I even considered investigating his product.

All my research indicates that Jay Kordich is a very successful man. In business, health and life. He also is not one to put his name to a product that is less than top notch. Once I knew that, it was time to find out about The Jay Kordich Juicer.

Everyone is different, but for me one of the most important things was I had to want to use my juicer as often as I felt. The other product I referred to before just did not give me that experience. It was just too much work for me.

Jay Kordich Juicer Claims Technology Advantage

I needed a juicer that gave me lots of juice for my efforts. The Jay Kordich Power Pro boasts of a hybrid technology that grinds and extracts, claiming no other juicer does this resulting in more and tastier juice.

It also claims their juicer provides 85% more juice and nutrients.

Sounds good but I needed more than a lot of tasty juice. The cleaning of the juicer was important to me also.

Reviewers Claim Easy Cleaning

One reviewer said this.” We got this juicer 16 days ago and absolutely love it! It is simple to use and pretty simple to clean. Especially compared to all the other machines in our kitchen.”

Another said this,” It’s no hassle to wash when you’re done juicing. Taking it apart and putting it back together is a breeze.”

Still another said,” Yes, this juicer is a little pricey, but with the ease of use and health benefits, it remains to me the best juicer for the money.”

One thing that concerned me about the product however was the plastic construction. For the price I was hesitant to invest. Here is what I found other people saying about that: “the plastic construction only made the machine lighter. It certainly didn’t interfere with the efficiency of the juicer.”

One person did report that the handle broke on the cup used to collect the juice. He went on to say that he called the company and they sent out a replacement immediately. And he was the only complaint I found about the handle.

My Recommendation

I have to say that if, like me, you want to juice whenever you want and not worry about clean-up or reassembly this machine gives you that experience. Other great benefits include a three year manufacturers’ warranty, super quiet induction motor with a lifetime guarantee and an extra large detachable pulp basket.

If you are interested in getting the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro- which in my opinion is the best juicer for the money- I have made it easy for you. And remember, his machine comes with FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY! 

Just click here now to start your journey to a longer and healthier life.


Jun 2, 2013

Popularity of Juicing Rising

I am seeing more and more people turning to the benefits of Juicing! The popularity of juicing is definitely on the rise.  I find that exciting because when you are passionate about something, it feels good to see others also getting involved.

Some people started juicing as a way to help lose or manage their weight. Others, already health conscious, started juicing as a fast.  It is an effective way to cleanse the body.  And believe me, if you are new to juicing, expect a nice cleansing.

I still remember when I first decided to start juicing. It was long enough ago to be considered a fad at that time. But today, all one has to do is walk down any fairly traveled business district and you will likely find a shop that sells fresh made juice. Continue reading »

Apr 27, 2013

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and Its Benefits

Unlike other apple cider vinegars or ACVs in the market today, Bragg is raw and organic. This means it is made from organic apples and does not undergo pasteurization, a process that kills microorganisms and at the same time minimizes the potency of its nutrients. It is true that there are other brands that offer organic variety, but what makes Bragg different is the fact that it is unpasteurized and still has the “mother” in it. The mother is the mass of protein molecules where nutrients and bacteria live. Continue reading »

Apr 7, 2013

Pioneers of Juicing

Many people nowadays are becoming more conscious of their health, searching for the healthiest way of living and embracing their new choice of lifestyle. Among the many health “fads” that have become very popular, juicing is, arguably one of the healthiest, not to mention safest way to get fit. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who still think that drinking juice from a carton has the same benefits as the freshly-squeezed goodness prepared at home. Continue reading »

Mar 20, 2013

Motivation to Get Healthy

What is your motivation for getting healthy? If you ask 10 people you might get ten different answers. Whatever your reason or reasons, embrace them. I will tell you why. You see, you will need to draw on that motivation more often than you think. Especially in the beginning of your journey to a healthier you.

I think my biggest motivation was getting very sick some years ago, spending time in the hospital and seeing the looks on the faces of my loved ones as they visited me. I remember thinking, “Wow, I have been really selfish. I have children and other people who care about me and I never thought about how my well-being affected them.” Continue reading »

Mar 17, 2013

Eat to Control High Blood Pressure

They call it the silent killer. High blood pressure (hypertension).  It is a common condition in which the force of the blood pumping through your arteries is high enough to eventually lead to health problems such as heart disease, stroke or death. There are often no symptoms until physical damage is done to your body.

High blood pressure is easy enough to detect and monitor. The problem is many people- especially us macho types- refuse to go to the doctor. I myself never had an issue with high blood pressure until I got into my forties. Even then I didn’t know it until I ended up in an emergency room unconscious.

High Blood Pressure Ambushed Me

I woke up with a team of doctors standing over me telling me I wasn’t going anywhere for quite a while. My blood pressure had done damage to my kidneys and I had an enlarged heart. No point in getting into the other problems.

Had I not passed out and ended up in the hospital, my doctor said, it was just a matter of time before something really ugly happened to me. It was a long road back.

At first I was on a lot of medications. I spent 10 days in the hospital, largely because the doctors couldn’t get my blood pressure down. Eventually my blood pressure began to normalize. I went home. At that time I lived by myself. Continue reading »

Mar 17, 2013

Great Benefits From Juicing


How about a fast food that is not only healthy but can also help control and even reverse some medical conditions? You may be racking your brain right now trying to remember a commercial from McDonald’s  Burger King or Pizza Hut that mentioned a new healthy addition to their menu. Don’t bother. I am talking about Juicing!


I know some days I come home from a long day and just feel pooped. I certainly don’t feel like cooking or even waiting an hour or so to eat. That is when I really appreciate my Juicer. I know that within minutes I will be enjoying a refreshing, healthy treat.


Fast Foods Destroy Your Health


Sadly, fast foods and processed food contribute greatly to health ailments in America. No truer statement has ever been uttered than, “You are what you eat.” And for most of us, those poisons make up the bulk of our diets. Even more reason to Juice!


Juicing detoxes your body. It flushes toxins and impurities that you take in-not just from foods- but from the air you breathe and the water you drink. It helps remove waste from your colon that may have been laying there for years waiting to turn into disease.


And the best part is, with the right machine, Juicing is fast, delicious and extremely healthy. Continue reading »