Apr 7, 2013

Pioneers of Juicing

Many people nowadays are becoming more conscious of their health, searching for the healthiest way of living and embracing their new choice of lifestyle. Among the many health “fads” that have become very popular, juicing is, arguably one of the healthiest, not to mention safest way to get fit. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who still think that drinking juice from a carton has the same benefits as the freshly-squeezed goodness prepared at home.

Did you know that freshly squeezed juices are more nutritious than those contained in a carton? While the carton says “not from concentrate” and “100 % pure juice”, it does not mean the juice is not processed. In fact, most so-called 100% juices have added taste enhancers and preservatives to provide a better taste and longer shelf-life. So, how do you know that you are drinking the real, unprocessed thing? Well, squeeze it yourself.

Thanks to the pioneers of juicing, we are now getting more familiar with the differences between store-bought juices and freshly squeezed raw juices. They are the tireless advocates of the benefits (and joys) of juicing. Here are some of the popular pioneers of juicing:

Dr. Norman Walker

The British businessman and juicing advocate, Dr. Norman W. Walker can be considered as the original juicing pioneer. Born in 1886, he began preparing his own juice in early 1900’s. He moved to the US from England in 1910 and by the early 1930’s formulated fruit and veggie combinations that he claimed can restore optimum health and at the same time reverse most diseases. Amazed by his findings, Walker designed a juicer that both grinds and presses vegetables to release more nutrient packed juice.  He called it The Norwalk and until today, it is still considered one of the best juicers in history.  Dr. Walker lived a long, healthy life and died in 1985 at 99.


Paavo Airola

A popular nutritionist, physician, author, and educator, Paavo Airola has made a dent in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, and natural healing. He has published a number of how-to books on well-being, which includes the 1971 publication How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting.

Max Gerson


His migraine patients were the ones who first experienced the power of raw juice. But, when one of them claimed that raw juice also cleared his tuberculosis, Dr. Max Gerson was noticed by Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, a thoracic surgeon. With Dr. Sauerbruch’s help, Dr. Gerson developed a diet program that can cure skin tuberculosis. Together, they conducted a study involving 450 patients with skin tuberculosis, in which 446 responded positively. Even until this day, the Gerson Therapy is still widely used not only to treat tuberculosis, but as a cancer treatment as well.


Jay Kordich

The Juicing World’s living legend, Jay Kordich earned his knowledge of juicing by consulting Dr.Max Gerson. Kordich had a serious illness back then and was looking for an “alternative” way of reversing his disease. After he lived on a diet consisting of apple and carrot juice, his health came back to normal. Now, Kordich, together with his wife Linda, are spreading the word. He is an active juicing advocate and has no plans to stop. He wants to tell the whole world the benefits of drinking freshly squeezed juice from raw fruits and veggies.

Fresh, “raw” juice is known to provide a chock full of vitamins and minerals, which are easily absorbed by body. Moreover, it offers hydration and protection minus the preservatives and additives you will find in processed “pure” juices. Let us practice juicing like the pioneers have done and we will surely reap its many benefits and enjoy a long and healthy life.



  • Hi Jim,
    Nice write up on the history of juicing. I’m always interested in the history of natural remedies, it’s an interesting topic. I’d like to see Dr. Walker’s juicing machine :-) Thanks and happy juicing!

  • Hi Rich,
    Your timing is amazing. I did more research on Dr Walker today and I am looking at his Juicer.
    Be well!

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